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A message from your District 5 Supervisor Tom Hammond

Since I was elected to the County Board of Supervisors as the District 5 Supervisor. I have a lot to learn about the inner workings of how the different departments work, and how they work together to keep the day to day operations of the county functioning properly to better serve the residents of Lassen County.

In order to make a sound decision when voting on an issue, you must know the day-to¬day operations of the different departments that may be effected by how we vote on a particular issue. I have met with most of the County department heads and will meet with the remainder after the holidays. It was an eye opening experience. There are a lot of dedicated employees in Lassen County who do a great job.

Lassen County has had a 3.5% decline in population per year for the last five years; it is critical that we develop our resources to create jobs. I intend to meet with as many of our business partners to get input on how we as a community can retain our most valuable resource, the people of Lassen County. I have already met with LTC Slosson, Commander, Sierra Army Depot and Warden Zuniga of FCI Herlong. I had the opportunity to visit one of our largest private sector employers. Sierra Cascade Nursery, which employs 300+ employees. I was thoroughly impressed with the operation of this business. The agricultural industry in Lassen County contributes about $101M to Lassen's economy.

In November, the Manager of the Herlong Public Utilities District, Pat Williams and I attended a Conference in Washington DC addressing BRAC in 2017. This is important so that we can be prepared to show our support for Depot. The economic impact to Lassen County would be $289M, and $193M to Northern Nevada. While in Washington DC., we also met with our Congressional Representatives, both in the House and Senate, to begin a dialogue with them on this and any issues that might affect Lassen County.

Thanks to the efforts of Ms. Eula Johnson and Ms. Jean Coye, Northeastern Rural Health has assured me that they will be re-opening the Health Clinic in Doyle in the not- too distant future. I am excited to be able to work with the members of the Board of Supervisors and county staff to move Lassen County into the future. You, the people, are a pivotal asset to help us do just that. We must continue to work together to ensure we meet our goals and represent everyone, fairly and adequately. Please join me in making our District shine and be a positive example.

  Respectfully Yours,

Tom Hammond

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